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Full Lengths

Skater Girls

Kate, Tyler, and Lou prepare for the literal most important moment of their entire lives (thus far)— a Xanadu audition at the local community theatre. A play about artistic identity, roller skating, and the 3 worst people you’ve ever met. [1m, 1f, 1nb]

Reading, Forager Theatre, 2024
Reading, 938collective, 2023

Celestial Bodies

Drake just died (or, well, he’s about to) and the afterlife isn’t anything like what he expected. A play about the intersection of sprituality, intimacy, and queerness. [4m, 2f]

Reading, University of Kentucky, 2023

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Select Short Works

Annie Brown’s 5th Grade Science Presentation

Annie Brown is ready to KILL her science presentation on the food chain. But when the animals become a little too aware of their roles as predator and prey, the whole show is thrown off-kilter. A dark comedy exploring class and oppression through the eyes of a 5th grader. [ONE-ACT] [1m, 1f, 3a]

Production, SoHo Playhouse, 2024 (Off Broadway)
Finalist, SoHo Playhouse Lighthouse Series, 2024
WINNER, University of Kentucky Studio Season Best Play, 2021
Production, Univerisity of Kentucky, 2021

Stars and Stripes

In a fleeting night under the stars, two young men fight for their relationship before one leaves for bootcamp the next day. [10-MIN] [2m]

Production, StageQ Theatre, 2024
Production, Southeast Missouri State University, 2023
Selection, Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival, 2023
Finalist, Del Shores Foundation Writers Search, 2022
Production, Secret Theatre, 2021 (Off Off Broadway)

Good Dads

Two penguin fathers-to-be await the hatching of their chick while they reckon with how their pasts will influence their futures. [10-MIN] [2m]

Production, Left Coast Theatre Co, 2024
Reading, Left Coast Theatre Co, 2023
Production, StageQ Theatre, 2023


High school baseball star Cal is forced to choose between his love for the game and his love for his boyfriend. [10-MIN] [2m]

Production, Fresh Fruit Festival, 2024
Semi-Finalist, Secret Theatre Short Play Festival, 2024
Production, Secret Theatre, 2024

A Furtive Glance (into Three Guys’ Apartment)

Three roommates navigate the power structures of masculinity after the unthinkable happens… They see each other naked. [10-MIN] [3m]

Production, 938collective, 2023


When a young man is sent to conversion camp, he bands together with a queer motley crew resisting the urge to straighten up. [PILOT]

Semi-Finalist, Del Shores Foundation Writers Search, 2022